Welcome to Christopher L. Wilmoth Consulting, L.L.C.
Christopher L. Wilmoth Consulting, L.L.C. serves public school systems, state
departments of education and private enterprise with

  • Administrative assistance with disability/special education issues
  • Staff development (comprehensive)
  • Staff training (targeted)
  • Corrective Action Plan assistance
  • Development of School-Based Mental Health Programs
  • Early Intervening Services programs developed
  • Internal monitoring/self-study
  • Policy development and policy analysis
  • Dispute resolution
  • Research
  • IEP Facilitation
  • Other (see our offerings for enterprise clients)

Our clients appreciate value added services and the way we do business.  
Please feel free to explore your needs with us through an email contact.  We
are a resource to public and private education entities at a local and state level
Enterprise clients in direct care industries, hospitality, health care and
other work settings where the impression communicated by your staff is the
energy that promotes the success of your business, can receive valuable
staff development/education delivered on your site and tailored to your
needs with programs such as

  • Adapting to new leadership
  • Building a positive and productive work climate
  • Peace making
  • Preserving patient/customer/client dignity in difficult
  • Image restoration following a critical incident
  • Staff education opportunities customized to meet your unique

Our enterprise clients experience a quality staff education program and
administrative staff may request other services to support their professional
Christopher L. Wilmoth Consulting, L.L.C.
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